ISS Project Management



(1) Online Document Management Module

It is a powerful and complete document management system.

  • Handle any type of document
  • Build document versions
  • Keep audit trail
  • Confidentiality document setting

(2) Online Discussion Board Module

It enables managers to create groups of private forums according to different topics or different participants.

Centralized discussion board allows participants to share documents, consolidate thoughts and ideas among themselves.

(3) Online Forms Management Module

It allows managers to design business forms for their team members to fill in.

  • Similar to Excel, easy to use.
  • Online centralized forms enable management to compare and evaluate the information; track and trace issue / work status; navigate profit centers in multiple locations.

(4) Online Calendar and Meeting Module

It provides invitation for meeting.

Agenda and minutes is available for meeting owner to enter.

The minutes can be searched, track and trace at any time in need.

(5) Online Workflow Management Module

It routes documents and forms through user-defined workflow processes for approval process.

The workflow management provides the transparency to the management to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Company.

(6) Online Project Schedule & Process Module

People with knowledge of MS Project will find no difficulty in using this function.

  • Help you make the most out of your limited human resources.
  • Empower managers to monitor projects anytime anywhere.

(7) Online Timesheet Management Module

It empowers the management to get the first hand information of human resources cost on project with just a click.

  • Accountant and all project administrator can save a lot of man-hours from manually generating the Cost Reports of human resources on project.
  • Cost Reports are generated automatically with reliability and accuracy.
  • Assignees can easily participate and update the progress of their assigned tasks anytime anywhere.

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