Transaction Process

  1. Purchase confirmation
  2. Buyer pays to intermediary platform
  3. Seller delivers products or provides services
  4. Buyer receives the products
  5. Buyer confirms to pay to Seller
  6. makes payment to the Seller
  7. Transaction successfully completes

Buyer can negotiate directly with the Seller on any complaint, and notify to temporary suspend the payment to the Seller.


  1. 確認購買信息
  2. 買家付款到gohk.co中介平台
  3. 賣家發貨或提供服務
  4. 買家驗收沒問題
  5. 買家確認付款
  6. 付款給賣家
  7. 交易完成

買家驗收問題可以直接與賣家洽談, 並在 備案暫停付款。